Ransomware attacks cost an average of $133,000

In the last two years, ransomware attacks have increased by 97%. Without a layered defense strategy, you will be a victim of a cyber attack. Read this guide now to learn the strategies and tools that will keep you safe.


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Don't lose sleep over ransomware

In this guide you will learn:

How infections spread and how to stop them
12 critical security controls to implement
How a solid backup strategy saves your time and money

Plus, this added BONUS...


To minimize the chances of you needing to pay a ransom demand, you'll also find a directory of law enforcement approved decryption resources that can safely unlock many types of encrypted files.

Full Chapter List

► What is Ransomware
► What Happens When You Are Infected
► The #1 Victim - Small Businesses
► How to Reduce the Risk of Infection
► Which Industries Are At Risk
► The Long Road to Recovery
► The Real Cost of a Ransomware Attack
► How to Decrypt Data Safely & For Free