Protect Your
Data from Loss


If you've ever misplaced an important file or lost an entire hard drive, you know it's a frustrating experience you never want to repeat. With eSilo, you can prevent loss and recover quickly by protecting your data with offsite backups.

Why Backups Matter


75% of companies experience data loss each year. On average, the cost of recovering data from a single hard drive can be as much as $1,500.

It's your duty – to your customers, employees and yourself – to safeguard your data with a backup solution specifically built for businesses like yours.


Benefits of using eSilo Backup


You don’t need technical know-how to backup your data. We’ll guide you to the right solution and set it up for you.


 ✓     Perform automatic backups

 ✓     Eliminate manual work

 ✓     Prevent catastrophic data loss

 ✓     Preserve vital business data

 ✓     Maintain HIPAA compliance

 ✓     Comply with legal retention

 ✓     Get help from experts, 24/7

Gain complete control over your data

Over nearly 20 years eSilo has helped thousands of businesses automate and secure their data backups. Whether you're a solopreneur or a booming business, our experts have a solution tailored to your needs.