Protect Your Data from Loss

If you've ever lost an important file, you know how painful and frustrating that experience can be. With eSilo, you can prevent loss by protecting business and personal data with offsite backups.

Why Backups Matter

75% of companies experience data loss each year. On average, the cost of recovering data from a single hard drive can be as much as $1,500.

Protect your assets before it's too late. It's your duty - to your customers, employees and yourself - to safeguard your data with a backup solution specifically built for businesses like yours.

eSilo backups protect you from from every day threats, including:

   â®ž     Ransomware

   â®ž     Computer crashes

   â®ž     User errors

   â®ž     Security breaches

   â®ž     Loss of equipment

   â®ž     Natural disasters



Benefits of using eSilo Backup

You don’t need technical know-how to use our backup systems. We’ll guide you to the right solution and set it up for you.

   âœ“     Perform automatic backups

   âœ“     Eliminate manual IT work

   âœ“     Prevent catastrophic data loss

   âœ“     Preserve vital business data

   âœ“     Maintain HIPAA compliance

   âœ“     Comply with legal retention

   âœ“     Get help from experts, 24/7

Gain complete control over your data

Over nearly 20 years eSilo has helped thousands of businesses automate and secure their data backups. Whether you're a solopreneur or a booming business, our experts have a solution tailored to your needs.


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